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Teri, 27

I went to Chris with having chronic knee pain for years after a skiing accident... My hope was not high as I tried everything for my knees and the pain never seemed to go away.

After starting the exercises with him, his encouragement gave me the support I needed to continue, and within weeks, I felt less and less pain. He helped me not only with my physical pain but also gave nutritional and emotional support in the times of need.

I strongly recommend him in whatever goal you want to achieve in fitness or recovery, he is the best in the area!

MEL, 30

You make it really easy to work out and I love it.

Your workouts are so not intimidating compared to other trainers I've been to, BUT I felt the same tired body afterword 

(Soreness from working out, not pain) without the dread.


It really makes me feel good and excited!


Chris is absolutely amazing!!!


I've had hip pain for quite a while and it's been excruciating. It was to a point where I had to lift my leg up to get inside a car... I had lost all hope.

I have seen physiotherapists and osteopaths before him... and no luck. I only had temporarily relief. .


But then, I met Chris and, I of course, had my doubts. When he told me he could cure me, I would not believe it. But he truly did. I felt a difference just with his stretches.


Now I can barely remember which hip was in pain.. so much that I don't feel a thing anymore! Definitely magic....😅😂

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